Aluminiumu surface inside processing technology

Mitanilight new technology has largely improved the hardness, fragileness, and wear resistant.

With this technology, it gives twice as harder than stainless, same heat-conductivity with copper,. and same far infrared rays.

It is based on the ISO for the enviornmental problems.

Mitanilight breath in the new potential to the alminum materials with the new technology that process both surface and inside. Thates@mitanilight .

The world's new technology of processing the surface and inside made insidpenetrated film effective, and it changes all kinds of aluminiumu, ACEADC to the great materials.

Tough coat

`node oxide + Synthetic resin

When mitanilight is forming, it also foams strong and close compound anode film oxide by using acrylic@acid resin composite in the special electroytic solution.

Characteristic of a tough coat

  1. It pull out the pinwhol with (0`15jvery low temperature and slowly grow the film oxide, and that makes extremly less pinwholes, and make better close nature.
  2. Specialelectrolytic solution controls add electric current, and it forms firm and close compound film. it improves the corrosion-resistant alloy, and anti abrasion.
  3. Te acrylic acid resin fill up the pinwhole (roo where electrick current flow) which was made when mitanilight processed and, it improves corrosion-resistant alloy.
  4. s , and it is possible to use machine process.

yMain usez

general machines@precision machines hardness, slipping, anti-abrasion parts.

hydraulic/air pressure equipment, cylinder parts-and bearing kinds. heat radiation parts e.t.c.

Metal coat

Tough coat + Silver ion

Whenusing special electrolytic solution that added silver nitratetotough coated compoun anode film@oxide@materials., Keep the process in temperature at 5`20 ,and@add@the alternating.@Current in metal@ion.

Replace acrylic acid resin composit which came when tough coating was processed, and silver ion and electrolysis penetration.

Charactristic of a metal coat

  1. aecause of the silver ion electrolysis penetration, it has different kinds of good points such as heat conduction, antibacterial coat, create infraed rays and static electricity resistance.
  2. I let 24kinds of metal ionize, and aluminium alloy can treat it, and various uses will spread in future.

yMain usez

food processing machines anti static glectoricity medical/cosmetic machine parts

medical devices home-electorical device parts vehicle/ship/plane parts

hardness slipping-abrasion, antii-bacteria,@infraredrays effect and anti atatic electoricty.

Superior representative function

The hardness
Tharmal conductivity

Comprehensive analysis company "Nittek research"

Test method : JIS Z 2244 vickers hardness exanination

Examination materials : A6061 mitanilight processing 50

Comprehensive analysis company "Nittek research"

Test method : JIS R 1611-1977 Laser flash bulb method

Examination materials : A6061 mitanilight processing 30

Antibacterial power
(Number of living bacteria~1,000,000j
Mold resistance
(Growth area~j

Corporate judicial person "Kyoto microbe institute"

Test method : JIS Z 2801 Film coherence method

Species of bacteria : Escherichia coli . Salmonella enteritidis

Examination materials : A1050 mitanilight processing 30

Corporate judicial person "Kyoto microbe institute"

Test method : JIS Z 2911 Five species of bacteria mixture

Species of bacteria : Aspergillus . Penicillium . Cladosporium . Aureobasidium .Alternalia

Examination materials : A1050 mitanilight processing 30

yCharacteristic of a mitanilightz

  • Mitanilight is the would`s latest technology the condisers enviornment, and it enabled to electrolyze ion at normal temperature. It is capable to all kinda of the aluminium materials, and it will turn an ordinally materials to the special ones.
  • All the progress of the work could be done with normal temperature by adopting "line method".mitanilight process in normal temperature, then it suppress the generetion of gas from the humidity of the solution, and it will lead for the better envionment in the factory.
  • The special additives can control the electrick current, and it made possible to use an electrolytic solution for semipermanet. (in general process method) we usually process the materials with the solution, but it meltes the aluminium and it caouse the decay of an electolytic solution. On the otherhand, mitanilight can us it for can use it for semipermanet.
  • Processing the electric penetration process of special metalic ion, and conductivity anode film oxide, it gives more strength and hardness to the materials. Anode filn oxide is the insulated film oxide. Change the is mitanilight to the conductivity oxide and improve the strength, hardness, and anti-abrasion, and foam more than 200 penetrated film.
  • It's colorable with 24colors. We realized more than 1500v insulation, and conductivity less than A2M.
  • More than 1min2 high speed process ! It use to be 1min0.5was the fastest processing limit, but mitanilight made it to 1min2.